June 22, 2012

Waiting game

As many of you already know, the amnio fluid test came back to show that babies' lung development is slightly immature as of 6/20 @ 35w6d. So we canceled the 6/21 c-sec. 

Today 6/22, I had OB app. HB monitoring shows that babies are still doing really good in me. Dr set a new birthday for the girls, which is going to be 6/29, @ 37w1d. He only wanted 5 days or so but the hospital had no slots for scheduled c-sec. The earliest he could get was the 29th. Between now and then, anything can happen. The dr is not on-call this week but If I have an emergency, he ok'd the hospital to contact him to deliver my babies. That was really nice of him! I was afraid if I have to go in this weekend, someone else is gonna cut me up. 
The downside is that c-sec is AGAIN, scheduled at 5:30pm. I was hoping the morning slot, but nothing was available.

So far, I've gained 35lb. I am thinking 1 more lb by next week. One of the babies is really really low that I feel lots of pressure down there. I have a slight rib pain but not bad at all. The feet and legs are mildly swollen. I can say that all the side effects from this pregnancy has been pretty much at an expected level. 

Two more HB monitoring app next week. So unless it's emergency, 6/29 will be the big day!


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