December 1, 2012

4 month old!

Hi all!
Sorry for not updating for a while. I am so busy like no tomorrow. I seriously need at least 30 hours a day. I am a mommy on the run!

Let's see.. where do I start?

Well, I am STILL pumping milk, producing 70-75oz( a little over 2 litter) aday. I get surplus everyday that we had to buy a big new freezer to put in the garage!

My thought of this month...
Baby girl piercing. My husband wants them little ears pierced really bad. I am more toward not wanting it done. I know it won't hurt as much as immunization shots because the needle is not going thru the muscle. I am from the culture where no parents will do ear piercing to their children. It is taboo thing. We get in trouble even in high school if there are pierce holes in the earrobe, kind of considered to be

My regrets...
I have 3 furbabies. I feel as if Im abandoning them since I barely have time to go for a walk with them. They used to go everyday. I used to blush their teeth everyday, but now I am so exhausted at night that I get lazy and tend to skip the cleaning. I feel I always tell them NO NO NO, and am not showing enough love to them. I feel really really bad. I have to get better at this. They deserve my love. They are all being good boys!

Big Step!
We enrolled in the day care and they had 2 hours stay there! It went rather quick. Im sure it was too fast that they didn't know what to think of it. We wanted to enroll to reserve our spot in case we need it. Next month we need a few days there since mom is going to have a surgery.
I thought 3 month and 4 month old is a big difference. They have reached a couple of milestone this month!

4month shots..
UGH it was the toughest night for all of us. The girls were inconsolable that night, and we, parents, were in distraut. This was the worst night I ever had since birth.

after bath tummy time
I kinda eat my fingers

oops! I look too chunky in this pic

mommy and me
im sitting up, but my head is still heavy!

*17weeks she weighs 12lb 2oz
* She is on breast milk exclusively. 7oz-7.5oz each feeding 4 times a day.
*Her forehead acne is finally going away slowly.
*She sucks her fingers, not thumb.
*She doesn't take paci at all. Just no interest in it.
*She is on #1 Diaper! Maybe soon onto #2? since her poop blows out and spill from the diaper!.  6 months onesie and 6-9months pants. Big girl now!
*She can do tummy time. Her head hold up high, but she seems no interest in it. lazy girl?
*She loves bathing, nightly ritual before bedtime. When I put her down to take clothes off, she knows what's up and make a crying baby happy all of a sudden.
*She is LOUD when she talks! When she is sleepy but can't fall a sleep, she talks LOUD but different kind from chatting.

With daddy, at Pediatric office,,waiting waiting waiting

about to take bath!

life is good

hi! I like to sit up unlike my sissy, Cja

im not sure how to smile to camera just yet
*at 17 weeks, she weighs 11lb 1oz. She is always a pound smaller than Cja. Still going!
*She is on breast milk exclusively. 6.5oz, 4-5 times a day.
* Her hair was like a punk rock star last month. Now it keeps growing upward more and more. This month she has become a peacock :-) I ordered hairbow, still not here yet!
* She never liked tummy time. All she did was cry and got angry on tummy. At 18 weeks, she was the first one to roll. Since then, she rolls from back to tummy all the time. One morning, we found her this way.

 *Last month, she talked herself to sleep. This month, she sucks her thumb to sleep.
*She used #1 size diapers and 3-6months clothes. She can still fit certain 3month pajama.
*She learns things quickly. I hand a toy to her, she takes it and starts to play. It seems she has a good control of her hands and cordination. 

They are getting bigger and bigger everyday in front of my eyes. Next thing you know they are growing out of every cute outfit I have! I see why people always tell you don't buy too many. Some clothes went unused. Really, does anyone want them? I will ship them to you!

baby conference


sit up is fun

hi grandma~

and with daddy!

I'm little late for this 4 month old update. 5 month update is soon to come!