February 10, 2012

Fast Forward to 16 weeks

It has been ages since I blog last time.  Since the IVF miracle has happened, I've been overwhelmed with happiness. I still can't believe I am pregnant. But as my tummy gets poochier, it makes me realize that I have two little hearts beating and growing everyday. The Last appointment with RE, he kinda mentioned that it could be a boy and a girl , but not 100% sure. That was 10 weeks. I proudly graduated RE and now I am under the care of OBG. At 16 weeks ultrasound, we found out they are both GIRLS!
Baby A @ 10weeks 
Baby B @ 10 weeks

Naming of A and B is based on who is closer to the cervix. They name A is usually the one that is closer. And B is the further one.
This day, I also got ok to stop PIO and estrogen shots. That was milestone for me. Unfortunately, I seem to damage the nerve on my right thigh from estrogen shot one night and to this day it feels numb/throbbing. Another thing is that I have a high risk of blood clotting issue so RE prescribe me Lovonox, which is baby dosage aspirin injection. I have to continue throughout my pregnancy.

15 weeks
And here is the pic of my tummy 15week, almost 16.
To most people around me, I don't even look like I am pregnant with twins.  But I am a petite person. 100lb 5ft. So I can definitely feel my waistline is getting thicker!

* Weight Gain So Far.. 6LB
* I have night sickness, daily retching. But only threw up 3 times so far. No particular food I find is helping the nausea.
*Craving,, nothing
* Pregnancy Symptoms,,,headache, fatigue, stuffy nose, red eyes (allergies caused by decreased immune), big time constipation, Pee 5 times during night

I was really outdoor-active/gym person pre-pregnancy. Since I've started IVF treatment which was around Sep/Oct, I haven't done none of the activities..... to slow down my life for IVF.  Daily walk with dogs is the most exercises I get to do. But I think I will start exercises a bit more.  I can do a little maternity stretch, more walk, and swimming. I am a lap swimmer and OB said swimming is very good. That's a great news for me!

Here are the pictures of two little babies from the OBG visit.
Baby A frontal @ 13weeks
Baby B side @ 13weeks
Baby A @ 16 weeks
I forgot which baby, but this is LEG! She is stretching it out! @16 weeks
Since I carry twins, OB wants to see me once a month with ultrasound. And that is SO wonderful. I thought I had to seek a high-risk doctor because of twins and my calcium problem(hyper-parathyroidism), but OB says 'so far' he doesn't see the necessity. My calcium from last month is still above average but not quite at dangerous level to where he needs to worry. Yes, usually pregnant women want to take extra calcium. But not in my case.

Currently, one of my friends is going through IVF#1. I am praying she will succeed!!

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