June 6, 2013


9 month old. This month was a whole another world from 8th month. In 8th month, nothing went easy on all of us, I mean for both girls, me and husband. Sleepless nights for all 4, fussy babies, fever, cold, viral infection etc. After turning 9 month old, it seems as if we have found the sunshine! Also, I feel as if I have more connection with babies, as far as communication level goes!

My mom who were baby-sitting since they were 2 month old went back to Japan for 6 weeks. She had some health problems while she was here, so her 6 weeks vacation was spent mainly for doctor's visit.
Since she has been gone, the gals are in daycare full time and they just  LOVE the place and teachers! Costing fortune for mommy and daddy but there is something money can't replace... their happiness and much experiences they gain from the daycare. Interacting with other babies and teachers must be doing some good to the gals. The daycare does lots of activities and teachers just love my girls! When my mother returns, I think I will keep them there part time.  Much fun for the girls and less work for my mom :-)


*weight -- 17lb 4oz  25th %ile. She wears 12months clothes, #2 diaper.  Her height is 50%ile..
  She has slimmed down a lot compared to earlier months,, look at the difference in pictures!

*foods --  She has 22-28oz milk everyday and eats solids 3x a day. She has good appetite, but picky eater. If she doesn't like something, she will seal her lips so tight that nothing more will get in.  It seem she might be allergic or just simply has sensitive skin to dairy. So far I've fed yogurt and cottage cheese as for the dairy products. When she had yogurt, all around her mouth where yogurt touched got red.  When she had cottage cheese, she started to scratch her face a lot and had a couple spots that "looked like" hives. All went away after an hour or so, but for now, I will refrain from the dairy for Cja.
*developmental milestone -- crawling?  not quite yet. She can sit up all by her self. She scoots around with her butt and can do circle.  She is not all that fan of tummy time so she doesn't get to spend a lot of time strengthening her core in that way.  When I hold her to assist standing up, she still is on a tippy toe. Especially she woudn't put her bare weight on her right foot. I think it will be a while till she gets more mobile :-)
On her walker, she is the speedy gonzales, though she uses both legs at the same time to push herself to go forward, backward, turn corner etc.. She can maneuver around the house with this thing!
She goes faster than Kaci on her walker.
*Teething -- She has 2 bottom and 4 upper teeth now.  She had a break this month from all that teething pain. 


 *Weight --15lb 14oz, she wears 9 month old clothes and #2 diaper. She is very small so diapers are buggy.
*Foods--She eats everything, including dairy foods! Got really good appetite and eats more than Cja. She has been showing me signs that she is ready for finger food.
*developmental milestone --She has mastered the crawling! She is just all over the place now. It is the fastest way to move around. She loves us laying on the floor because we become jungle gym for her! She can hold herself standing up for prolong time and can get herself up or down. Her body flexes so much, makes me think does she have bones??? Her tiny body can do so much!
*Teething--She got the bottom 2 tooth. I have noticed every time teeth erupts, she loses her appetite for a day or two, but she gets extra sleepy head.
*Personality--She got the personality of momma, who wants attention all the time! She is constantly giving herself a challenge and try new things. That's why she is so fast on starting to crawling, standing etc. She is such a daddy girl. Every time she is with me, she behaves and doesn't give me much hard time. But as soon as she sees daddy around, she starts to get winy and tries to get him to come to her.  The result? Yes daddy ends up holding her and she gets exclusive attention! She is smart :-) 

Time to baby proof the house? Yes, definitely. They love roaming around in the kitchen, especially with spatula and whisk in their hands!