April 17, 2012

26 weeks

Today marks 26w4d. I am in between monthly OB app so no updates on babies. I just wanted to post pictures of my belly today!

Babies should be weighing about 4lbs all together by now. I certainly feel heavier than 2 weeks ago. I feel babies moving all the time, not just kicks but when the one lifts her butt up or the other one moving her head around. They are active during the day when I am working and talking, but quiet when I am not talking or resting. At night they seem to sleep with me. They don't wake me up by moving around.
um, my husband's big truck, I no longer be able to get in it. It's too high!

April 4, 2012

24 weeks

Today I am 24w6d. Everyday I thank my baby girls for sticking with me.
This week, I purchased breast pump costing me $300. And also I purchased 2 crib mattress @ about $50 each on sale. I think all the major purchases should be done now.

I took another pic of my belly this week.  Let's compare with previous ones.
Hiking time, pre-pregnancy
17 weeks
20 weeks
22 weeks
24 weeks
Baby A foot 22wks
Baby A profile 24 wks
  It has been difficult to take a snap shot of Baby B @ last two u/s. She is always facing other way when we are doing the u/s!!

*Weight gain -- 19lb. 6lb last month alone.

*Baby Size --- Baby A: 1lb 11 oz   Baby B: 1lb 9oz

*Eating habit --I can eat anything. Love eating starbucks frozen ice cream every night. I can even do spicy food.

*Pregnancy Symptoms --- a tiny bit nausea after every meal, swelling of my hands and feet especially in the morning. NO heartburn. Neck and Shoulder pain when I stay vertical (standing, walking etc) for a period of time.

*Exercise -- Just walking with three dogs after I come home from work,, about 1 mile.

I had a monthly OB app. Both babies are measuring up to date. That was fabulous news. My cervix is still long and tight. Dr recommended me to not to do daily doggie walk anymore. He doesn't want the cervix to start thinning out, as precaution considering babies will grow faster and get heavier in my tiny body. After consulting with him, I really might have to stop working around next appointment, which will be almost 29 weeks.

My agenda now is to register for the hospital. It has to be the one my Dr and both of my insurance is affiliated with, and also needs to be equipped with high risk pregnancy and good NICU unit. 

Next app is in the first week of May. I need to keep these babies as long as I can.