May 3, 2013

7 month old!

I am writing this looking back the days of 7 month. They look chunkier compared to now. From the morning till night they sure keep me busy, non stop! Everyday is a survival game but these smile just make me forget all the hardship at times. I will do anything to keep them smiling!

in a walker, just "in" it.

good time with mommy, playing with camera

how do i look with new hat!?

*weight-- 16lb +
*clothes -- 9month clothes and #2 diaper
*Teething.. This month is all about her top front teeth. Total of 3 broke through, in addition to the bottom two she has already. Upper teeth seemed to be quite painful that we gave tylanol and orajel to ease the pain at times.  The upper 4th one gave her the hardest time, she was crying like no tomorrow one night.
*Food -- all 4-6month food clear! She is still exploring 6-8month food, continuing onto chicken, turkey, yogurt, maybe tofu if her tummy can take it. She did not like applesauce. Maybe I will have her try some other time !
*I taught her 'mama'. She answered "dada". She speaks her own language right now.

sat up for the first time by herself!

Kaci won't let mommy eat her lunch!

hi baby!
*weight -- 14lb 4oz
*clothes-- 6 month clothes and #2 diaper. Kaci ends up with Cja's hand-me-down a lot... Sorry Kaci!
*Teething.. nothing yet!
*Fever-- had it twice this month. Her immune system is still up and down, not quite stable. She had on going low grade fever for a few days at times, but her activity level was just fine. One night her fever was 102, warm bath and Motrin helped that night.
*Activity-- In walker, Kaci kicks the floor with both feet together, going backwards. (7.5m)   Sits up by herself and scoots around.
*food -- Kaci so far dives into many food, including apple sauce Cja does not like... She sure has more appetite than Cja.
kaci is a lot more vocal. Now says "bwah bwah bwah",, which was what Cja was saying last month.
Kaci flips her head side to side like she is saying NO!

A video clip from this month :-)

Me,at 7.5 months, start really weaning process. 4-5x a day to pump. and reduce the length of pumping session each time.  now supply and demand is breakeven.

Thank you for keeping up with Kaci and Cja's fast growth! Next up is 9 month blog post!