August 15, 2014

1 year old!

                                                      6-29-2013 Happy 1st Birthday!!

 It seems as if the birth of the twin was just a few weeks ago. I can't believe how much they have grown, not just their height and weight, but also lots of developmental milestone they have achieved. They are tiny tiny complete human being. Just amazes me how fast they learn new skills. I teach them something one day and they try to do it or can do it by themselves in a couple of days.

On their birthday, we couldn't take off from work so I baked cake-vegan- for them. That was their first time eating something THAT sweet!


Allergy--This month, we confirmed Cja's milk allergy. What I didn't know was that she was also mildly allergic to Egg White. Something I fed her caused rash/ bumps all over her back. I note all the new food I introduce to the girls everyday, so I suspected the egg in their birthday cake caused it. For a while I used only egg yolk for their cooking. Later the allergy was confirmed. No milk products and no egg white for her for a while.

Growth spur-- Cja went through growth spurt this month. When she eats like horse at every meal and many screaming night (growing pain?), I notice this is happening. Later on, sure enough she looks taller and face looks fuller. 

Walking--She was the long time scooter and sitter when Kaci was up crawling and walking. This month, Cja has accomplished both at the same time.
walking with assistance to walking with hands up
photo shoot


Walking -- She has been walking about 2 months now. Not running quite yet. She used the walker toy very little but rather used anything and everything around the house to push around. --video

Emotional development-- She has started to understand the concept of  good, bad,  what she can get away with and what she needs to cry for.  She understands us a lot more than Cja these days. Her thing this month was "act of crying".  Especially when daddy is around, she cries to be picked up extending her hands out. He walks away then she stops crying, gets up and go like nothing happened. Then daddy reappears. Then the act starts again. But surely she gets her way at the end.

hate diaper change
still sucking thumb