September 14, 2011

After speaking with RE and my future plan...

So my first IVF ended up negative. I had a follow-up appointment with RE today. He said he was really disappointed that I couldn't get pregnant. He probably had me on his "more likely success" list. Moreover, he was surprised that out of 26 eggs, only 4 made it to blastocysts despite the fact that I made good eggs. According to my age & my health with those eggs, he suspects that sperm might be the reason. Upon ICSI, they pick healthy looking sperm but they don't test if those are genetically competent (DNA wise). Well, I don't believe "everything" he said. I am sure that overstimulation, too, has something to do with it.  All that into consideration, BFN makes sense. I guess I have to keep at it as long as I have opportunities of IVF, hoping I will be hit with 100% competent embryo upon one of transfers. Oh, he also said he will try lowering meds dosage. That's probably when I have to go IVF#2 next year.

I have 2 frozen embryos. I decided to get on the cycle that starts Oct 24. So I think transfer will happen early November I'm guessing. And If nothing happens, then I will try again on Dec cycle. Either way, I want to try again using these frosties by the end of this year.

September 4, 2011

My first camping experience at Infenion Nascar Raceway June 24-27

As many of you know, my husband is a Nascar fan. Not die-hard to where he collects every little gadgets of his favorite driver, but he loves going to different cities to watch the race at the track. I love the traveling aspect of it. We've already been to many races but this time we were INVITED by his step brother Tommy to the Nascar at Infenion Raceway to CAMP on the racetrack, do BBQ and have fun! Thank you Tommy! 

The Infenion Raceway is located in Napa/Sonoma valley area by the coast, 45 minutes from San Francisco CA. It took us about 10 hours driving from las vegas. On the way there, we stopped by Bakersfield to see my husband's 2 daughters and their kids, his grandsons! It's only 4 hours driving away but he hardly gets to see them, so every time we are in the area we try to arrange some fun time. We met up for breakfast. The time was just too short, well it is always like that when we are having good time isn't it.  I must admit that his 2 daughters are someone I can admire. They are very happy girls, happy moms and very mature. I always think I am a lot more childish even though I am older. There must be a lot I can learn from these girls! I wish we live closer. I really think so.
his grandson, Noah! First time meeting since he was born
Nice to meet you, buddy!
Danny, Paige, Danny III, Hannah, Noah, and my husband. HI CHEESE !
We can be goofy too!
 2 proud daughters!
Tough boys.
 We are back on the road, driving through boring scenery. Well, I can't even call that 'scenary', more like..' air space' or 'field'. After 5 more hours of that, we arrived the Infenion Raceway in Sonoma county. Tommy (our step brother) and the rest of the party all had been there since the night before, setting up the camping space for our big party of 11!  Did I tell you I've never camped before in my life. N-E-V-E-R!!  So this was quite experience for me. Here is our camp site!
This is our room! Imported from Australia, very unique style and drew lots of campers attention!
waiting for breakfast ... chilly morning of SF
Rick and Sean

Tommy on the right, the big boss/Tommy!
 We had a big space for us. Big enough for 2 toy haulers, 2 tent trailers, 1 camping tent, 1 airstream and 3 cars!! We spent 2 nights there. Being lasvegan, I never realized that the temperature can drop to 40Fs- 50Fs in the morning and at night in June. It does not happen in Vegas. My husband and I wore jackets while everyone else had T-shirts enjoying the cool temperature. !!???  
During the daytime, we were at the racetrack enjoying the race.
This racetrack goes around the hilltop.
This is not Nascar car, just some display he wanted to take picture in with.
Sponsored by Lowe's #48, Jimmy Johnson pits
The race events are for two days. Two different series. The main race was on Sun, our driver Jimmy Johnson didn't do that well. He finished 7th, which was OK for us.
After the dinner on Sunday night, Tommy took us to his two houses in the area. These houses are so beautiful that no vocabularies of mine can explain. They are both multi million dollar houses!! 
 One of his house is in the middle of San Fransisco, really close to Japan town, so we called up one of my husband's sister to meet us at a Japanese restaurant! Tommy and her are very good friends, so we all 4 had GREAT time!! Oh and they told us that in SF, hilly place like this, you have to park with your tires in the certain angle so if rolls down, it would just hit the concrete curve. I looked at other cars and their tires are all in a same angle! Amazing!
So hilly! I don't think I can drive my manual car in SF!
I need to reserve at least 3 days to visit SF. If this Infenion Race can be our yearly event, we can be back in this town!

Camping was more exciting event than I had ever imagined in my life. I think I am very spoiled because of the fact that my first camping had all the set-ups, lots of food, real BBQ, comfy bed and nice shower. Don't people should really start from tent-camping? I totally bypassed it. Lucky me! Thank you Tommy!! Much appreciated !!