September 14, 2011

After speaking with RE and my future plan...

So my first IVF ended up negative. I had a follow-up appointment with RE today. He said he was really disappointed that I couldn't get pregnant. He probably had me on his "more likely success" list. Moreover, he was surprised that out of 26 eggs, only 4 made it to blastocysts despite the fact that I made good eggs. According to my age & my health with those eggs, he suspects that sperm might be the reason. Upon ICSI, they pick healthy looking sperm but they don't test if those are genetically competent (DNA wise). Well, I don't believe "everything" he said. I am sure that overstimulation, too, has something to do with it.  All that into consideration, BFN makes sense. I guess I have to keep at it as long as I have opportunities of IVF, hoping I will be hit with 100% competent embryo upon one of transfers. Oh, he also said he will try lowering meds dosage. That's probably when I have to go IVF#2 next year.

I have 2 frozen embryos. I decided to get on the cycle that starts Oct 24. So I think transfer will happen early November I'm guessing. And If nothing happens, then I will try again on Dec cycle. Either way, I want to try again using these frosties by the end of this year.


sassyNtubeless said...

HUGS!!! I am just happy you have plans for the future!! Will be sending lots of positive thoughts and baby dust your way for October 24th for your FET XOXOXOX

Kokoro said...

I doubt "sperm might be the reason" too! You guys are doing all you can do and the rest is just LUCK 8) I think.. I'm not a expert but you know.. Don't get too disappointed (even though it might be hard) and keep going!!! xoxo

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