May 27, 2011

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary-- May 25, 2011

Dear my husband,

Hey! We made it another anniversary! Happy 7th Anniversary to both of us. Last 7 years flew by so quick that I still feel like I am a newly wed to you :)  We have accomplished so many things together. Lots of obstacles, ups and downs.. we had them, and worked on them to overcome as a team. Thank you so much for letting me have such a wonderful marriage with you. There are really no words to show my appreciation. I have never been with someone as long as I have been with you, you know, I always tell you that you are my record breaker! I am still really attracted to you. I am thankful that we have almost same work schedule (for now), so we can have dinner together and chitchat about our days. We go to gym together after work to keep up with our health. I don't drink alcohol so you don't drink as much any more, and have water with me, instead. We do things together. You introduce me to new things in life. My words can't describe how thankful and happy I am to have a husband like you! Someday we will have a bundle of joy together. But you know what?, even if things don't turn out to be the way we planned, our life goes on. Even if I become homeless, as long as I am with you, I can survive! I miss you everyday! Wherever you are is the place for me to come home. You are my hero and my life! Love you~!

May 21, 2011

Hyperparathyroidism and my concern with IVF

I have a health condition called HYPERPARATHYROIDISM. Only handful of my IRL friends know about it. I know most of you have never heard of such a condition. Calcium glands in my body is overacting and causing it to pump in too much calcium in my blood. Symptoms and complications of hyperparathyroidism includes osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and kidney stones. Hyperparathyroidism is really RARE, happens to 1% of total population, versus 10% for people with THYROID problem. You think lots of calcium is good right? Not for people with parathyroid disease.  Everyone have 4 parathyroid glands in your neck. Each acts like individual thermostats. So when calcium level gets low in your body, the gland detects it and pump more into the body. When the body has enough level of calcium, then it turns off.  For those with Hyperparathyroidism, most of them (over 85%) only have 1 bad gland that turn into tumor. BUT! I had 2 tumors, which is only 10% of all patients. After all, that make me 1/10 of 1% of total population!!
Anyways, I notice the problem 5 years ago, had the 2 tumor removed 1.5 years ago. Post-op blood test showed that I still have high calcium and that wasn't good news. My local Endocrinologist tells me that I need another surgery, but my surgeon in FL worries that it might create HYPO parathyroidism ( will be on meds for the rest of my life) and that will be more dangerous to me and will make my life miserable one. The surgeon said as long as I feel great everyday and have lots of energy, he wouldn't make me go through another unnecessary surgery.  He is a world leading parathyroid surgeon/researcher and I weigh more on his opinion than my local doctor. After my years of researching,  I think I have better knowledge of this parathyroid problem than many endocrinologists. Once time my local doctor was going to prescribe me calcium pills for "testing purpose" when I already have high level, which would have put me in a serious health condition! People can be hospitalized for that.

In Every May, I go to regular blood work as my annual check up. But I am hesitant to do that this month. I assume that calcium level is still slightly high but it might have gone down since last check up in Oct 2010. I really don't want to see the result in the report. I worry because people with hyperparathyroid have high rate of miscarriage rate. And their vitamin D is always LOW (and I am no different). Vit D is important when you are pregnant for baby's development. I can't necessarily take Vit D supplement just because I have Vit D deficiency. Vit D helps absorb calcium into your body, so taking the supplement will increase my calcium level even more to dangerous level.

I know that as we get older, we can't expect to be 100% healthy. All we can do is try to do GOOD to our body. There is no medicine to my hyperparathyroid. Unlike many of people who suffer from this, my symptoms are minimum, almost nothing. I am thankful for that. But as much as I want to get pregnant, and If I do, I will be a "high risk" because of this. I'm just living with it. There are things in life that I have absolutely no control of.  Hyperparathyroidism and Infertility.

May 3, 2011

Another failed attemp on free IVF cycle giveaway

Last night, we attended the IVF seminar hosted by our RE clinic. They do this yearly for 2 consecutive days. And each seminar, they do ruffles to give away 1 free IVF cycle. Last year, we went and the couple who had the winning ticket was the one who checked in right before us. We were soooo bummed. They were walking slow from the parking lot, we could have passed them! We concluded that it showed one step closer to our IVF dream.Well, so that was the last year. 

So that makes the yesterday's seminar a second attempt for us. It was a lot less couple than last year, which supposedly gave a higher chance of winning. This time, too, we weren't the winner. Also they had a deal that first 10 couples signed up for IVF cycle will receive $500 off of medication. However, I couldn't do that because I signed up for IVF 2 weeks ago and was told that it had to be signed up AT THE SEMINAR!!  We are just not one of those lucky people. Always end up realizing that we have to do everything in a hard way, more like, no shortcuts. We didn't win the ruffle but I learned more about IVF. Listening to RE's insights and knowledge was refreshing. We don't always get to hear about what professional has to say unless you go in the office paying the office visit. So this was my Monday night, 5/2/2011.