February 23, 2011

About me

Hi Everyone!
Asakusa-a historial district in Japan
 My name is Asano and I am writing the first blog ever in my life. I wanted to start this mainly because I will go through once in a life time experience of IVF in July 2011 and thought it might be a good chance to start blogging about it and my life in general! 

Just a fast forward version of who is Asano..
At Nascar racetrack
Tubing at LakeMead in Las Vegas

Hiking in RedRock
I was born & raised in Saitama prefecture, 30 minutes outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. My first BF I met in Japan was a boy from USA, didn't speak much Japanese, so I carried an English dictionary all the time to help us communicate. I studied hard in English class at school, learned lots of  vocabulary from Madonna & Aerosmith CDs, joined Home-Stay Program in California, and so on. My dream was always to live and be independent in abroad. I was a senior in high school when I , for the first time in life, left Japan for a trip to Hawaii and saw different life. I did not want to go to college in Japan knowing that it was waste of time and money. However, majority of people in Japan go to some sort of college or university. It's a culture thing. Anyways, I got in a University, quit after 2 years and decided to move to the USA. 

In 1998, I was 18 and the only child. I am more than thankful and grateful to my parents by letting me pursue some crazy idea of moving abroad by myself. I went to Boston Mass, to complete English school which prepared me to move on to college.

Tragedy happened right before moving to West Palm Beach, FL to start Junior college for 2 years.  I was at the airport in Japan about to take off and my name was announced. It was a news that my father passed away. I was given a choice by mom whether to cancel flight and come back or to move on. I did not turn back. I chose to go on with my life only because I knew that's also what he wanted for me. I did not attend his funeral, so that I can remember him as smiling dad, not lifeless. I have loved my father dearly and to this day it was the hardest decision I had ever made in my life. It was the longest 14hr flight ever. 

  In my two years in FL, I did and learned many things. 1, Don't mix alcohol otherwise I will get sick. 2, I might as well don't have any because it seems that I have no tolerance on alcohol at all. 3, Car sales person had to teach me how to drive a manual car, so that I could buy one from him and that's his commission! 4, Learned to love someone (not my husband yet). 5, Worked legally for the first time (with visa) and it was a resort hotel front desk. I was awarded as an employee of the month! 
And most of all, I found clearer direction to where my life was heading. And I liked it.

Summer hiking!
In 2001, I moved to Las Vegas NV to complete junior and senior year in University. I have been here ever since. I met my husband and got married in 2005. I took him to Japan in 2006. It was the first time for him to get a passport and traveled across the sea. Asia being the first abroad to travel must have been a complete culture shock to him. We stayed for two weeks and came back with some added pounds to our body : )  

We bought a house in 2006 when housing was the peak time. Unfortunately, my house now is only worth 1/3 of what we purchased for and been struggling with it for a while.
Thankfully, we both have a job at least. He is a chef
 and I work for a government. We have 3 dog, Jack Russell, American Eskimo, and mini-poodle.


My hobby?  I must say I love love hiking. This is something both me and my husband discovered together.  Also I love reading (although I read really slow), traveling, going to movies, swimming, playing piano, and also exercising. I ride quad motorcycle occasionally with him. I listen all kinds of music from different parts of the world. I particularly like La Oleja de Van Gogh from Spain and Ishtar Alabina from middle east, also Cranberries, Ace of Base, Eagles, Alejandra Guzman, Mana,, just so many.. I enjoy music itself and not always lyrics since most of them are in foreign language and I don't understand anyways. But that was how I learned!

As far as IF goes,, we have been TTC over 3 years now. 2 years ago we were diagnosed as MF. He had reversal a few years ago on his well-over-10yr-old V. Dr. suspects that old V could be the major reason of IF. We have been trying to save money since then, but IVF is just so expensive and non-guaranteed that we had even thought of adoption at one time. But today, we are ready for starting IVF journey in coming July.
For better or worse, this is the time of my life!