June 9, 2011

Birth Control Pills

Finally, I was told by nurse to take BCP! I still can't see the whole picture of my protocol since my consultation for the Aug IVF cycle is not till 6/28. The nurse just told me to start BCP by CD5 on upcoming period. AF should starts any day now, so I am starting the pill TODAY! Let the bloated days started! Scary...

The nurse told me not to take the last row, which leaves me with only 3 weeks worth of BCP. Why is that? So after 3weeks with the pill, let the AF comes by itself and start taking another sets of BCP on CD1 in July?? The whole process is still unknown to me. I am so lost. !!?

June 8, 2011

Vacation Getaways at SouthPoint Casiono, Las Vegas!

We haven't formally celebrated our anniversary and my husband's birthday that were in the same week last month. We had an offer for one free night at South Point Casino, so we took advantage of it for our vacation getaways.
South Point Casino
Vacation! But We live in Las Vegas. Our house is 30 minutes away. It is an advantage to live in a vacation destination. We can become tourists in a city we are very familiar with. We know our way around, good restaurants, good attraction to visit etc..  Convenient, I should say! Anyways, Tuesday morning, we dropped our 3 dogs off at pet boarding at our vet. Drove straight to the hotel and enjoyed some sun in the afternoon! We were so white, so we NEEDED some basic coating on our skin. Needed to evenly baked so we can start our summer! As usual, I stick to the water and my hubby stick to the alcohol. This time he was his own bartender, mixing Captain Morgan and Coke. 
view from my table

As you get older, time goes fast. Have you noticed? Soon, time to get up and back to the room to take shower. We had a dinner reservation at Mon Ami Gabi, famous classic French Bistro in Las Vegas. To my surprise, the menu is not so over-priced. For a place which is always packed and sits at prime location on the strip, this is a MUST-place to go. 

We ordered 
* Onion Soup Au Gratin
* Baked Cheese
* Steak Bearnaise
* Poisson Du Jour-- Sea Bass & Israeli Couscous

Sea Bass

Our dessert were Tropical Smoothies! Such a yummy thing. I like it over Jamba Juice. The smoothie satisfies my quench. I just love it. We fiddle fart around some more before going back to the hotel, but man, I was so miserably full! Normally I want to minimize my sleep while on vacation or days off, but I think the belly-full of food and sunbathing really made us pass out, for 10 hours. The second day, more relaxing at the poolside. We were blessed with great weather for both days! We both used the sun block lotion but he forgot to put inside his belly button. So guess what!? It got burned inside and looks funky. Once the redness from sunburn goes away, it will turn dark. So I told him his belly will look dark inside as if it's dirty.. hahahaha

Overall, great little getaway! Had so much fun :)