June 9, 2011

Birth Control Pills

Finally, I was told by nurse to take BCP! I still can't see the whole picture of my protocol since my consultation for the Aug IVF cycle is not till 6/28. The nurse just told me to start BCP by CD5 on upcoming period. AF should starts any day now, so I am starting the pill TODAY! Let the bloated days started! Scary...

The nurse told me not to take the last row, which leaves me with only 3 weeks worth of BCP. Why is that? So after 3weeks with the pill, let the AF comes by itself and start taking another sets of BCP on CD1 in July?? The whole process is still unknown to me. I am so lost. !!?


Anonymous said...

Yay, I am glad to hear about this milestone. :) Are you able to solve the whole DH-being-away issue (I'm referring to getting a fresh sample from him)?

Sarah said...

Yay for getting the ball rolling! Just a quick question, of they told you to start your pills on cycle day 5, and you are just about to start, shouldn't you wait to take them? Maybe I misread, but you should start them five days after your period starts. Just trying to help make sure everything is perfect!

PS, they will most likely have you just stay on BCP's straight through. They will call you in another pack and you will just start it the day after you take the last active pill in this pack :)

Single Mom 2b said...

I'm currently on my second active cycle of BCP's... and doc says she might have me do a third (not happy about that news).

Confirm with your nurse/doctor but I suspect they may want you to go into another cycle of BCP, depending on your protocol.

Depending on your pharmacy and how the Rx was called in, you may have a problem reordering your next pack BCP's so early, since you are not taking the placebo week... I had to call my nurse to work with the pharmacy to get it so I could take the active pills continuously.

Good Luck! And do NOT hesitate to reach out to your nurse as many times as necessary to be sure you understand your instructions at any given time!

The Bush Hippy said...

i just ran across your twitter account, can't even remember HOW! i am SO happy i did. i suffer from infertility. had one pregnancy which ended in miscarriage in 06 and have been trying every since. i pray your august ivf works! i am praying for you!

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