July 2, 2011

Recent days,, update on IVF and my mom & hub's Lost in Translation

I haven't had time for anything these days including twitter and blogging.  I went camping at Infenion Raceway, Sonoma California last week and it was a blast. It was really the FIRST TIME camping in my life and I am surprised that I did good! I realized it's ok to use bathroom on the wheel! I have to blog about it soon.

Anyways, my mother who lives in Japan is now here for 3 months visiting! This is her 3rd time staying for that long. She is retired and lives alone so it is nice to have her here. The only sad part is that she is stuck at home all day everyday while I am at work, since she doesn't drive. I feel bad about it. She doesn't speak English and my husband doesn't speak Japanese. But somehow they seem to communicate just fine, or at least that's what they think. Listening to them, it is totally "lost in translation"!  When I hear them talking, it's funny because they are not communicating but they think they are having catch ball of conversation just fine. It's hard to explain. The other day, my husband told her to "stir" the pot on the stove so it doesn't burn, my mom says OK! But she just stands and watches it. My hub asks me "why is she just standing there, I told her to stir". I ask mom "what did he tell you?" She said "Oh, he told me not to touch it" LOL! hello~!? He didn't say that! Well basically they are a bit off whenever they talk. So I am in the middle, back and forth between them, explaining she said this, he said that,,,translating ALL THE TIME!!,,TV, jokes, conversation, EVERYTHING. Whew! Lots of work :)
My mother and I can be both hard-headed at times, so I am hoping not to have too much argument with my mother (you know how it is..!), and rather enjoy the time together! I am the only child so now I can see mom as if she is my big sister and enjoy each other's company I hope! She will be with me during this first IVF journey this summer!

As far as IVF goes, I spoke with nurse the other day. She briefly went over what is IVF and general idea of what my August IVF will look like. For now I am on BCP. She will order medications and have them ship directly to the office so when I pick it up, she can show me and explain everything about meds. I will know then WHAT meds I will be taking and HOW MUCH DOSAGE I will need. Good news is that RE put me on really low dosage of meds so it will help me $$$ wise. This meds instruction/consultation is at the end of July. I will start in the first week of Aug and monitoring starts on 8/22, and maybe egg transfer will happen around 9/2?
It sounds like my July will still be pretty peaceful. 

OH OH OH! Attention to all IF girls!!!!: We had a SA on my hub the other day. The count was 45mil, motility 3%. In 2008, it was 7mil, 53%. The nurse said it was a compromised result and we still need IVF. The thought of IUI went through my mind for a sec. I am still on the "GO" for IVF though. I thought it was interesting change in SA. 


Anonymous said...

I am a new follower. (I am also from Vegas). The story you told was funny, but it is nice that they try to communicate. I wish you the best of luck in your IVF cycle.

Serendipitie said...

Too funny about your husband and mom! Good luck with IVF! Not sure what your morph is, but 3% motility is really low, so IVF is still your best option.

Anonymous said...

Your biggest fan wishes you lots of luck in your journey!!!!!!!!!!

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