August 23, 2012

2 month old!

Happy 2 month old, Kaci and Cja!

The time is flying by and the girls are getting bigger! I have a week till going back to work. Just couple of days ago, they have started to smile a lot more and it is a sad feeling that I can't be here most of the day to enjoy them and get to see them grow every moment.

As far as myself goes, I am doing great. I take about 1 hour for myself each day for walking, stretching and tummy exercise.. thanks to my mother, who is always there to take care of the twins! So physically I feel very healthy. I eat a lot 3 times a day plus sweet snacks in between. I pump 7 times a day every 3-4 hours. I get about 42-49oz/ day to keep up the girls' needs. I now have some frozen supplies! This is what makes me tired the most. I haven't slept more than straight 4 hours since the birth. Human body is amazing. I am still here functioning. Im not sure how I will do once I return to work. I will be a zombie mommy :-)

The girls start out great in the morning. They sleep good during the night and wake up so refreshed! As the day goes by, they get tired and once afternoon hits, they have hard time falling a sleep and start to get cranky and fussy. Most of the time Cja starts the crying and triggers Kaci to cry. Here is the just one moment of their crying time.
They will cry A LOT, but I don't think that's colic. I think it is just what babies are supposed to do. When nothing helps them, I use baby carrier to carry them around with me. They seem to like being held and being moved around. At times I had to have dinner carrying them in front of me. The last resort for soothing them is BATH! Bathing followed by warm milk. This seems to do the trick most of the time. Just that with twins, they need to be hungry somewhat at the same time especially before bedtime, so we can put them to sleep together, which means parents can go to bed right after that.

Here are some highlights of the girls.


*6 weeks Pedi app, she weighs 8lb12oz!!
* She is on breast milk exclusively. 4.5oz each feeding 4-5 times a day. She could chug down 5oz but she gets some spit-up, so Dr told me to decrease to 4oz to 4.5oz.
*Last month, she had an eye infection, and that went away. She still has baby acne. I don't particularly put anything on her face since this is something she will grow out of it soon. Just from mommy's hormone...
*She smiles a lot especially in the morning. Cranky as hell in the evening. She always wants to be held,,, worse than her sissy Kaci. She also starts to get used to 'tummy-time'. She can't roll over yet but she can lift her head really good. 
*She doesn't take paci well, but eats her fist instead. I am ok with it for now. 
*NB clothes are so tight, so she wears 3 months clothes now. Still on NB diapers, but sure getting tight fit. Time to stock up size 1 diapers!


*6weeks Pedi app, she was 7lb13oz!! catching up Cja! They were 1lb apart at birth and still the same :-)
*She is on breast milk exclusively. 4oz at each feeding 4-5 times a day. She eats so fast and seem to gulp air a lot. Her burp is really big. I think she has mild acid reflux. Haven't consulted with doctor yet but if I see definite sign, then I will take her.
* She has no baby acne like Cja.
* She hates 'tummy-time'. She cries like she is so mad!! I know I want to do tummy-time with her, but I hate to get her mad when she is feeling good..
*She smiles a bit more than Cja. 
*She still wears NB clothes and diapers. If I think about it, she is about the size of any new born babies for singleton pregnancy! 

Cja on tummy, Kaci just chilling

Girls, mommy can't wait to do lots of adventure with you in the future!