July 16, 2013


HOORAY! Time flies. Because I am sooo behind on my blog, I FORGOT many of what I wanted to write on this post. So I will just paste bunch of pictures.. hahaha
Since 9 month old, communication with the girls has been much fun. Their personality have been blooming! Can these twin girls be more different!? OH they are just opposite when it comes to everything! Twins are a lot of work I admit, but thankfully and interestingly, they take turn to be fussy, be sick, and be restless at night. I am still here today happily sane because they balance me taking turn being needy everyday!
This month, my mom came back from Japan ( went home for 6 weeks). So the gals don't need to go daycare full time anymore, though I liked that they got lots of interactions with other people and lots of activities there, and that they didn't get sick every other day anymore, and that they had a routine going.  I can't really afford full time daycare for two month after month so the gals will go daycare twice a week, back to part-time. 

Cja ---
*Food - Cooking for her is a bit tricky. Since she seems to be allergic to dairy, I have started to use coconut milk and dairy free butter for cooking. I am 100% hands on when it comes to their cooking. I have not given jar food since birth. Buying dairy free products or its taste are new area to me. I am always on Internet searching for yummy recipe for her. She is still on 100% breast milk in a bottle.
*Clothes - 12 month and #3 diaper
*Teething -- no new development this month
*Activities -- She has come around a lot. Now she scoots around and doesn't just sit at one place any more. She still have trouble crawling as she doesn't get the concept of " one knee forward after the other" part. It's funny she does great on walker though! Many times she runs over crawling Kaci since Kaci does not like to be in walker much.

More pictures of Cja
This is when she had eye infection. Had lots of eye buggies

Just came back from Daycare. Teachers did my pigtail hair for me

I am still so small, I can be put away!

First staycation at local hotel. Cja was the perfect behaving baby this day


Im a Nacar Driver in making!

Kaci --

*Weight - 17lb 4oz
*Teething - upper teeth coming in! One of the two is taking forever to grow in. Her two front teeth has a gap and look so cute!
*Food - Anything and Everything! She eats a lot. We call her 'the bottomless pit'. As much as we give her food, she will keep eating, but yet she is 1lb smaller than Cja. Where all the food go??
She is also 100% on breast milk in bottles still.
*Activities - She wants to walk so bad. One day we bought a toy for assisting her walk. She got the hold of it and started walking!!

first time in pool that is bigger than bath tub

first time in real pool!

Practice walking with assistance


Nap time at Daycare
Next up, 11 month update!