September 5, 2012

Clogged milk duct scare/ Citizenship

Twin's update is coming soon.

On this post, I wanted to share just couple of things that happened last week with you. Two topics are so unrelated but I wanted to write it down ;-)

* Clogged milk duct scare
As many of you know, I pump my breast milk. 7 times in 24 hours period. I do about 3 times at night. Night session is about 20-25min. And I've been doing this since the girls birth. This one time last week, one or two milk duct got clogged and I couldn't get the milk to come out. It took me 1 1/2 hour to finally get it through. When pumping time comes, my breast is engorged,, hard and big. After pumping, it gets soft and lighter. I noticed the hard lump on my right breast and hurt when I touched. I immediately realized that was milk that got stuck. I massaged it, tried to pump it, took shower and massage in a hot shower and pump again. I was really frustrated because #1, I was losing my precious sleeping time and #2, i was scared of mastitis (breast infection). Thank god I was ok after so long of trying that night. Hope it does not happen again!

*Citizenship Application

I have applied to become US citizen back in March this year. The process was to take about 8 months at Phoenix Processing Center. I took fingerprints and photo in June. There, I was given a booklet to study for a test. 100 questions on US history and political structure. My only study time was when I was pumping my breast milk. That was the only time just sit and do nothing besides collecting milk. I just had an interview with an immigration officer last week. Speaking test was taken care of by interviewing me, and reading and writing test. I did not know that we need to have basic English skills in order to become citizen here. I was given 6 questions out of 100 that I studied. Well, I did so good and I passed! 
Oath ceremony to be sworn in is 9/14!