January 11, 2013

5 month old!

This was on our holiday card! Kaci (left ) and Cja (right)
 Oh I am behind on my blog again! Sorry! Just the highlight of their 5month will do for now :-)

I am always curious to see how other parents' days are like. How do you juggle things between your work, babies and your own time (meal, shower etc)? Well here is mine...

Typical days...
Working 5 days a week. My mom watches babies during the day and she has professioned the twin baby-sitting. Once my husband and I come home from work, we take over from her, so she can rest for the rest of the evening. When I come home, he will be cooking dinner/watching babies and I go pumping right away for 30-40min. Dinner is about 6-7p. After that, dishes right away and we have 30min to 1 hour before bathing girls and feeding. Overall they are in bed by 9:30.
On our days off, we do lots of errands with babies. They love going to grocery stores, usually smiling away.  Total time of errands with them in the car seat is max 4 hours. Especially Kaci, gets really tired and fussy after a while.
Cja is really good about that, even she poops, she sits in it so quiet, like everything is totally fine!

So much has changed in girls developmental behavior by the end of 5 month. And the role of the easy and the needy baby has switched just within the 5th month. 
Here are my girls, they have grown so much!

First time being Grandma, handful with 2!

Big Steps of this month:

  * They started to eat rice cereal and oatmeal in the morning followed by milk. By the day 3, they get the idea of spoon feeding. they open the mouth and go for the cereal on the spoon!
* In mid weeks of the 5th month, we have added veggies. So far they have had peas, green beans and squash. They love them. But the squash seems to give them runnier poop. The next one will be sweet potato!

with grandma!

camera eyes!
this is Cja, 1 week old
Cja 5 month old. Her feet is popping out of the swing!

*23weeks she weighs 15lb 3oz

* She is on breast milk 7.5-8oz each feeding 4 times a day.
*1.5-2TBSP rice cereal/oatmeal mixed with breastmilk in the AM, 2TBSP veggies in the PM before dinner milk.
*Some spots of her face is so dry that we apply a bit of Vaseline. It's helping a ton!
*She eats whole hands. does rarely suck thumb. No paci.
*She has discovered her voice. Talk till she gets attention.
*Her hair started to fall off on some spots. Kind a blotchy head right now LOL. Hoping to the part will grow back!
*She is on #2 Diaper! Maybe soon onto #3? 9 month onesie and pajamas and 12 month top shirts. Getting big!
*She can be on tummy for a while and move all 2 arms and 2 legs, like she is swimming on tummy. But she hasn't rolled on her back by herself yet.
*She loves bathing, nightly ritual before bedtime. She kicks in the water so much that I look as if I just take another shower myself :-)
*She is LOUD when she fights back from falling a sleep.
*She had ear infection, mild cold congestion.. She is good now :-)
*She can giggle


I can eat my feet. Im that flexible now!

Hi cutie!
 *She hasn't gone to the Dr as much as Cja, since Kaci has been so healthy, so Im not sure exact weight this month, but she's been always a pound smaller than Cja, so Im asuming 14lb???
*1.5-2TBSP rice cereal/oatmeal mixed with breastmilk in the AM, 2TBSP veggies in the PM before dinner milk.
*She is on breast milk 7oz, 4 times a day.
*Thumb is her comfort zone. She sucks to sleep. She keeps herself occupied and stay quiet with thumbs in her month. No paci.
* Kaci still has issue with her peacock hair. it still keeps growing upward! We have cute bows and it clips hair on her forehead, but it does not help on her peacock style.
* She rolls from back to tummy all the time. Not so much from her tummy to back yet.
*She is learning how to hold bottles. Caught her in action!

*She caught a cold from her sis this month.
*She also can giggle. So cute to hear it! Now they know what's funny and what's not. Milestone!
*She still can't sit up and stay still by herself but with the help, she stays upright and try to reach for the object in front of her with both hands.

They are doing fantastic without major health issue or anything. I am still pumping, though I have decreased to 6 times pumping a day instead of 8, (working days) which leads me to produce less milk for a day. My average used to be 72-76 last month. Now it is 65-72. My off days, I only do 4-5 times a day.  I have decided to slowly wean till they are almost a year old. If I get so little milk before reaching a year, that's ok. Anytime in next 4 months is good.