October 10, 2012

US Citizen!

As of September 2012, I am officially a US Citizen!

"oh~ say can you see~~~~"

3 month old!

Happy 3 months old!

Already 3 months. No words can describe how blessed I am to get to be a mommy of my beautiful twin girls. To this day I am in disbelief that I actually carried them for a whole term!

It has been a month since I am back to work. I need more than 24 hours a day to do all the things I need to do. I am usually up by 5am to get ready for work, pump breastmilk and out the door by 7:30. Kaci usually wakes up between that time so I can get to spend a little time. Cja sleeps in everyday so I just kiss her before I leave. Some people have asked me how I feel being back to work. Well my days are a lot more hectic but it is a nice change compared to being at home 24/7 in pajamas. I love putting make-up and getting dressed. It makes me feel better and I feel prettier myself ;-)  I do miss girls alot!! I miss out all the action girls are doing during the day. It's sad that I can't be there but that's a life of a working mother.

My mom babysits the girls everyday while me and dh are at work. I don't know how she does it, but she feeds girls, read to them, play with them and all the house chores, and still wanting to watch them even we are at home. Since the girls spend most of the time with her now, their first word may be a Japanese word! (my mom can't speak English). I am so thankful my girls are in the best hands!

The girls have started to coo a lot more this month. Kaci usually is the talkative one, like mommy. She talks herself to sleep at times. Cja is catching up on "talkative" part but she sure states opinion loud when she does!

Here is how girls are doing..


with my lovely auntie Diane!

Staring contest
precious girl!

me and little lamb, zzzz.....
*13weeks she weighs 10lb 9oz
* She is on breast milk exclusively. 6-6.5oz each feeding 4 times a day.
*She has had baby acne since shortly after birth. Now just a small redness on her forehead. She is growing out of it. Yay!
*Cja is the easier baby now. She falls a sleep right away. Do not constantly cry. She is such a happy baby and only gets a bit fussy because of the sleepiness. I don't know what happened but Cja and Kaci's role switched around. Cja was 'the' crying baby last month. Not quite a colic but she was up there.
*She doesn't take paci at all. Just no interest in it.
*She is on #1 Diaper! and 3 months old clothes. Big girl now!
*Her neck has gotten a lot stronger. I lay her on her back and pull both arms. She tries to lift her head making the neck to her back horizontal line.
*She has good concentration. She now shows an interest to especially moving objects, like mobile. Also vivid color in baby book draws her attention too! TV is the best way to go. She just is drawn into it.
*She loves bathing! Nightly bathing is her ritual before bedtime ;-)
*She is LOUD when she talks!

Look how tall I became!

mommy just became US citizen, like me!

I'm a leopard

in a new outfit

mommy playing with my hair, how do I look!?
daddy is the only one who can throw me in the air!
 *at 13 weeks, she weighs almost 10lb. she is big compared to the birth weight, but still she is a tiny girl!
*She is on breast milk exclusively. 5.5 oz, 4-5 times a day. Last month I thought she had some sort of acid reflux, but I think no worry there. I have started to learn her pattern. She has regular spit up, sometimes it is cottage cheese kind, but after the spits, she feels much better and I can see it in her expression.
* Her hair is like a punk rock star. Hair in the middle continue to grow forward and upward, with a little touch, she is a total punk girl!
* She still does not like 'tummy-time'. When I put her on tummy, she doesn't move. She just gets mad and starts to cry. So I do it sometimes, but really for short periods. 
 *She can now talk herself to sleep. She will try to sing with us or talk to us. She has very soft voice but very very talkative!
*She officially graduated NB diaper yesterday (14weeks). Big girl!

I have a couple of video to share with you. In the second one, Kaci and I were able to hold conversation through cooing! Kaci is always aware of camera. As soon as she realizes there is a camera looking at her, she stops whatever she is doing and just stare.

 Hardly have no time to sit down and write blog posts these days! Sorry for the late update. In another 2 weeks, they will be 4 months old.  More pictures to come! Thank you for all your support and keeping up with the girls' growth!