April 1, 2013

Cja's TOUGH 8th month

Cja has been having tough 8th month. It started out from her eye check at pediatric. She gets eye discharge every once in a while so I went in. The doctor thought blocked tear duct so he referred us to opthamology. It was in fact the blocked tear duct. In a meantime Cja has been suffering from on going teething,,causing mild fever and loss of appetite. When that was going on, she got stuffy and runny nose for a few days which had lead to upper respiratory infection, acute bronchiolitis. We found that out by going to ER one night. Her fever kept climbing and meds weren't helping. So she got prescribed the breathing treatment via neubilizer from the ER. We followed up with our Pedi a couple of days later. He switched the actual meds for the treatment saying that the one ER gave was too strong and had more side effect. On this visit, we took Kaci because she was showing similar symptoms as Cja. Sure enough, Kaci caught the bronchiolitis from Cja.  So both girls were on the treatment twice a day for a week and half. This whole ordeal made her lost more appetite. There were days she only had less than 10oz milk only, for entire day, when she used to have 23-24 oz milk plus a few oz of solids. I was so distressed and worried about her that I hardly could work.
Cja on Neubilizer

Cja at ER
Feverish Kaci,,
Cja recovered from bronchiolitis and felt better for a few days. Then she had started waking up crying 2-4 times in the middle of the night. She wouldn't let us put her back in the crib so it took us over 1 hour each wakening to put her down. First I thought her teething pain kept her awake but last night she gabbled the whole bottle at midnight, which never happened before. And she kept kicking her legs and touching them as if something is bothering her legs. Then I thought she might be going through some growth spurt. I looked up online to see what other moms are saying. I might be right on this.
Also sleep regression is common in 8-10 month old babies. She did not co-sleep with us, did not let us put her down in crib... she only slept in our arms or in swing those days. My husband and I took turn sleeping on the floor and couch by her crib in the living room. 

They just turned 9 months! Kaci has been so good all around. Cja still has ups and downs when it comes to milk and solids consumption. But she feels so good and so happy these days. It seems I hadn't seen her being this way for a long time. She was such a trooper to concur her sickly days!