May 27, 2011

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary-- May 25, 2011

Dear my husband,

Hey! We made it another anniversary! Happy 7th Anniversary to both of us. Last 7 years flew by so quick that I still feel like I am a newly wed to you :)  We have accomplished so many things together. Lots of obstacles, ups and downs.. we had them, and worked on them to overcome as a team. Thank you so much for letting me have such a wonderful marriage with you. There are really no words to show my appreciation. I have never been with someone as long as I have been with you, you know, I always tell you that you are my record breaker! I am still really attracted to you. I am thankful that we have almost same work schedule (for now), so we can have dinner together and chitchat about our days. We go to gym together after work to keep up with our health. I don't drink alcohol so you don't drink as much any more, and have water with me, instead. We do things together. You introduce me to new things in life. My words can't describe how thankful and happy I am to have a husband like you! Someday we will have a bundle of joy together. But you know what?, even if things don't turn out to be the way we planned, our life goes on. Even if I become homeless, as long as I am with you, I can survive! I miss you everyday! Wherever you are is the place for me to come home. You are my hero and my life! Love you~!


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