June 21, 2012

A day before C-sec, 36 weeks

Yesterday was the last OB appointment before scheduled C-sec. We did the Amnio fluid test to check the lung development. The Dr takes the fluid and tests the bi-products in it. From it, he can tell how lung is properly functioning or not. The dr finds the deepest pocket of fluid via ultrasound, then numb the area of skin where the needle goes in. The needle was like 3 inch long. I felt the ting where the needle hit the skin and went deeper into my uterus. I saw the fluid!, which babies live in. I felt one step closer to them. 
After the procedure, we did HB monitoring to make sure the babies are well. 

After my husband and I came home, we did our own version of photo shoot in our backyard. Just to show off to ourselves later how big my tummy has gotten. It is a miracle to be able to have pregnant tummy curve. Despite the fact that the last few weeks of the 3rd Trimester was harder than I ever imagined, this pregnancy was something I had dreamt of for so long. It makes it extra special especially after we went through infertility for a long time.

Last night, my husband put together 2 swings and a play pin/bassinet. I final checked the travel bag I am taking to hospital. I have lots of diapers ready. Overall, I *think* I am ready to welcome these babies!!


Single Mom BB said...

I'm so excited for you to meet your babies! I hope it is an "easy" delivery and the little ones are healthy!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Asano
Looking forward to hear good news

saito San

Jaclyn Hayes said...

Good luck today! Can't wait to see pictures of your lil miracles!! You and your husband are soo cute :) xoxoxo

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