June 12, 2012

34 weeks

6/7   34w1d OB app 
HB monitoring went well.
Weight gain : 4lbs in 2 days! So I weigh 132lb now.
Prescribed Iron pills for next 2 weeks
C-sec Date: 6/21.
Fluid level is still good.
Cervix is still closed.

6/11 34w4d OB app
HB monitoring went well. Both babies are doing good. Their nervous system has started to show the certain pattern, which tells doctor good sign of the development. 6/20, a day before c-sec, Dr will do amnio test to check lung development.
Surprisingly, I weigh the same today 132lb. Mmm. Also Cervix has thinned out by 50%, but still closed. Dr said I am doing great that I made it this far. 

I lay on the couch all day, napping, reading, surfing web, watching TV and movies. I only wear regular clothes when I go OB. Other than that I am in pajama everyday. I forgot how I look when I have make-up on. I don't know how long my hair now since I ponytail it everyday. I have an occasional backache from sitting same position too long on the couch and when I sleep on my right. Baby B is straight up on my right so I feel her weight and affects certain spot of my back. Contractions are still random, so not much of the worry there. 
Babies are moving a lot. Sometimes I feel kicks, but now I feel more their entire body movement and body parts moving across my uterus in their sack. The hiccups are quite often. I can distinguish baby A's from B's. At ultrasound, I can see them practicing breathing. Their lungs are filled with fluid now but they will be replaced with air when they are born. So amazing.
I feel beyond heavy now. Standing still more than 1 minute is hard. I have to walk with my hands supporting the tummy. All fingers are swollen. The both wrists hurt from carpal tunnel. Surprisingly I have no stretch marks so far, thanks to tummy wax. 

I have 9 more days to go. 


sassyNtubeless said...

glad no stretch marks :) and that you only have 9 more days to go! can't wait to see your precious twins!!! xoxo

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