June 5, 2012

33 weeks

32w5d.. U/S and HB monitoring.

 My weight gain in last two weeks is 1.5lb, which come out to be all babies. My total pregnancy weight gain is now 126.5lb.

Baby A now weighs 3lb10oz and Baby B is 4lb 1oz.
If you remember, Baby A is the one who's tummy is developing 6% growth when it should be 10% growth range. In another words, her tummy is measuring behind at 28-29 weeks. However, upon HB monitoring, she showed the stronger heartbeat, which means nervous system between brain and heart is very good. Baby B is heavier one, and her growth is up to date. But she was a little sluggish at the HB monitoring. Overall, the day went ok. Based on today's result, Dr now wants to see me twice a week to keep a closer eye on the twins. weight gain 1.2 lb in last weeks Total 126.5lb

Baby A is always the only one who can give us the good snapshot!
Baby A
33w1d. HB monitoring. 

Baby B was so cooperative today.
Baby A was I think sleepy head? Dr had to use a little devise on my tummy to make a noise and wake her up. After a little while, she showed the satisfying HB. 

33w4d HB monitoring.

this was 31w6d

Both babies showed very good heartbeat! We finished the session really quickly! I now weigh 128lb, hoping this gain is all babies. 

Dr and I discussed the delivery option. We agreed for C-sec. Mainly because baby B is still head up. So turning the baby to head down during the vaginal birth can be traumatic. Also he is not sure if my pelvic bone is wide enough for safe delivery. My mind has been set on C-sec for a long time for safer delivery anyways. And we both agreed on the goal being 36weeks. Different from singleton pregnancy, for twins, after 36weeks, it can cause potential danger to babies. (too crowed a uterus, heartbeat deceleration etc)
Dr did say that he first had doubt if I could come this far along,,for this being the first time pregnancy, twins, and me being really petite person to begin with. 100lb 5ft person. 

I have sleepless nights. My backache is getting worse. For the first time, I had to wake my husband up to massage my back. I never had such a body pain before in my life other than muscle ache from workout at gym. But my babies seem so comfy in me so far. So that's good thing! I have 2 more weeks to go!!!



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wow 2 more weeks to go?? how did time fly!! im so excited for you!! xoxo

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