May 24, 2012

32 weeks

Phew! 32weeks! I am counting days everyday. I did for an entire week of bed rest. It is tougher than I expected. I've never spent this much time on the bed or couch in my life. What's hard? I can only be laying down 45 degree angle to horizontal. Mainly upper body backaches. Not being able to sleep at night because I do nothing all day and I am not tired. I try to spend most of the time reading, watching TV or DVR or movies. 
I still pee a lot so I have to get up and go bathroom so many times a day. I am not sure how this constant getting up is doing to my cervix. I am hoping it is not too much added pressure to it.

Highlight of last couple of weeks:
1. Babies' movement is sharp! It feels as if I can feel their tiny legs and arms when they life them or scrape them in the uterus wall!  

2. Babies' daily routine can be felt. When they are hungry (and when I feel hungry), they start wiggling in a big movement a lot!  Then I eat. They move as if they are tasting what's coming down through the cord. In less than an hour, they pass out!

I had an OB app for heartbeat monitoring check. The Dr said babies are doing good! I will go back in 6 days to do u/s for babies' growth and another HB monitoring app. Depending on the result, Dr will start see me twice a week or still once a week. They want me to keep babies at least 3 more weeks!!  OK I will try!!

Out of my boredom, I took my boys' pictures 



Anonymous said...

Asano, Ganbette!
Where is Rocky???
Your boys having boring days, too~


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