May 16, 2012

31 weeks

I made it 31 weeks!!!!! At the very beginning of this pregnancy, I wasn't even sure if I would be still mobile at my baby shower 27wweeks. But I'm still here!! Babies are currently being cooked in tummy at my body temperature hopefully a few more weeks. But this is my update about that from OB visit today.

My cervix has started to thin out. I have stopped working 2 weeks ago to take it easy at home but now Dr says I should really be doing strict bed rest, which is that I can only be up (vertical) when eating, showering or going to bathroom. I am not on hospital bed rest so I still have a bit of liberty of being comfortable at home. 

Babies HB monitoring went well. 
Babies U/S shows Baby A still have tiny tummy and slow growth compared to the week I'm in. Baby B seems to be doing perfect.

*Weight gain -- 25 lb total. 1 lb gain since 2 weeks ago. Total weight 125lb

*Baby Size --- Baby A: 3lb 1oz   Baby B:3lb (they both gained 1/2 lb in 2 weeks!. I saw Baby B's cheekie. That was cute!

*Eating habit --Eating anything and everything. But my taste buds has changed. Things I thought it was tasty no longer it is. Weird. I can only do shallow burp since the stomach is pushed up so high. I still like lots of sweets. It has good aftertaste in my mouth. Still eating frozen yogurt every night.

*Pregnancy Symptoms --- My hands are swollen, especially finger joints. It hurts to bend fingers Also right wrist. Dr said it is pregnancy related carpal tunnel, mild one, since I can still have fairly strong grips. My feet swell but in a mild way. I still have ankles :-)

*Exercise --no more walking with dogs or anything else. 

*Work --no! Bed rest at home till babies are ready to come out.


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