May 5, 2012

28 weeks




*Weight gain -- 24lb total. 5lb since last month

*Baby Size --- Baby A: 2lb 10 oz   Baby B: 2lb 8oz (they both gain a whole pound!) and both babies have hair now!

*Eating habit --It seems I can eat less amount at a time. Digestion has slowed down and I burp a lot. I still can not do raw onions, so if I eat salsa, it has to be without onion. I like cold water lately. I still like frozen yogurt, but I switched from starbucks brand to Ben & Jerry Greek frozen yogurt :-)

*Pregnancy Symptoms --- a tiny bit nausea after every meal, my hands are swollen, especially finger joints.  It hurts to bend fingers. So I curl my fingers when I go to bed, so it is not so painful in the morning. My feet swell but in a mild way. I still have ankles :-)

*Exercise --no more walking with dogs or anything else. 

*Work -- I will stop working as of 5/7 and will be doing couch potato

 I visited OB on 5/2, I was 28w6d. After the u/s, Dr saw a little concern that Baby A's tummy's growth rate is slower since last month. In another words, her tummy is small compared to where she should be at this stage. He said sometimes baby can't get enough nutrition if the placenta is not working properly. So Dr decided to do HB monitoring every week from now on to make sure the baby's well-being. As long as she has a good HB, the baby is healthy. So I went back to OB in the afternoon for the monitoring. Dr said the both babies are doing good so far. I was so relieved to hear that. Also I will start seeing Dr and do u/s every 2 weeks, since I am in the 3rd trimester with twins.

Oh I passed the Glucose test from the last month!  


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