August 23, 2011

Ultrasound #2

After I was told I don't have to be back for ultrasound until my blood test shows lower E2. This morning, I went in for blood test. The E2 was down to 5700 from 6400 yesterday, showing it went down. I guess stopping the stim shot was good. They called me while we were shopping in the AM saying that they wanted me back in the office for 2nd ultrasound. So I did. My follies are now up to 20mm. They want me to start suppositories tonight. Trigger tonight at 10:30p, ER on Thursday.
RE said I might be in pain or some kind of discomfort after ER since I have so many follies now. He said my ovaries have to calm down or I have to feel ok in order to do ET.  And of course, over-stimulation can compromise the quality of eggs, but he won't know until he pulls out those eggs. I understand, in short, that basically my body has to be good and embryo have to surviving on day 5. Skipping the fresh transfer and having have to freeze all my eggs are still a very possibility at this time. (sigh)


sassyNtubeless said...

HUGS I will be thinking of you on thursday and sending lots of pos thoughts and baby dust!! xoxoxoox

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