August 22, 2011

Ultrasound #1-- Over Stimulated?- Change of Protocol

Today, I had a very first ultrasound to see how I am responding to fertility drugs, and to count and measure follicles that are growing in my ovaries.
Before I signed up for the cycle, RE did say that I might respond to those fertility stimulation drugs easily so he had to be really careful of my dosage. Well, he was right. I think this is the result of over stimulation. I had 39 follicles today. When I left the office, my protocol for the drugs were the same,,, which I am to get Follistim and Luveris shots tonight as I have been doing. My nurse called me just now saying that they made changes on my protocol. From what I understood, my ovaries got so excited with all these stimulation drugs, responded really well. But having lots of follicles means lots of estrogen produced. As a result, my estrogen level is high and this is not good for egg transfer. The worst case, she said, is that I might have to freeze all the eggs and wait for the FET. Just disappointed. But I don't expect EVERYTHING to go perfect from the gekko anyways. I have to be OK with that.  My nurse said If that happens, this is the best for my health.She explained to me in a way I can calmly understand the situation.
So for now, I will go to blood test every morning to monitor my estrogen level. Then they will do u/s again. I am hoping I get to do at least ER as planned.


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