August 25, 2011

Egg Retrieval

So on my 2nd Ultrasound on 8/23, I had 32 follicles, which is down from 39 on 8/22. Did the trigger shot at 10:30pm which is 36 hours prior to retrieval. RE said the timing is very important, especially me being over stimulated a bit. The cramping yesterday 8/24 was worse but not a whole day, just from time to time. I couldn't sit still all day so I was in the kitchen cooking! I prepared 5 different dishes! Anyways, today was the big day. Egg Retrieval. I got 26 eggs, 22 matured ones! Not so bad, right? My RE said the trigger shot timing seemed to be perfect. And I am so happy that we could save those eggs!! I am still bloated. Not as bad. At least I don't feel like I am a frog anymore,, all those eggs are out of me! Now I wait to see how many of those are going to survive to day 5 for transfer. Meantime, THE PIO shot starts tonight! Scary....   The nurse gave me sets of smaller needles for injection saying that I don't have enough meat on my butt for bigger ones. That was very nice of her! Dosage is 1cc a night. Is that a standard? Let's see how wimpy I really am on these shots.. 


sassyNtubeless said...

yay congrats on 22 :) that's awesome!! good luck with the PIO shots!! Rest up! can't wait to hear the good news on your fert report xo

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