August 28, 2011

Day 3 Fertilization Report

Recap of Egg Retrieval 8/25 : 26 retrieved, ended up 24 matured, 17 fertilized

Day 3

3 embryos @ 4 cells
5 @ 5 cells
4 @ 6 cells
2 @ 7 cells
3 @ 8 cells

My nurse said 14 are doing good. But the 3 embies with 4 cells are very slow, not looking that good. 
I have a "Tentative" Egg Transfer scheduled on Tuesday 8/30. I say "tentative" because RE needs to check my fluid level before okaying for the 5-day transfer.
Another issue I am having is that PIO shot is kicking my butt. So far I have 3 pokes on my butt and they are reddish and a little swollen. If I keep doing this everyday, sooner or later my butt cheek is going to be double in size!


IVFJess said...

This is an amazing report- you should definitely feel encouraged! Enjoy being pregnant in a dish! Cheering for you!

sassyNtubeless said...

That is a fabulous report!! im along with Jess, cheering for you!!! xoxoxo

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