August 30, 2011

Day 5 Egg Transfer --- it happened!

First of all, nobody wasn't really sure if my ET was a GO today till RE checked my fluid level. If it was too much, I was told all the eggs had to be frozen for next time FET.  Today I went to my appointment time, bladder filled with water like I was instructed. In a procedure room, DH was looking nervous.

RE checked the fluid level. All the fluid was pretty much gone! He said that my ovaries are huge. I guess that was expected. My bladder was filled, uterus looks good, no more fluid in ovaries--- so I did Egg Transfer!! 
RE and embryologist gave me a picture of 2 best ones!
My nurse was pushing lower tummy with ultrasound devise and UGH it was SO uncomfortable. My bladder was hurting. Anyways, everything went perfect. The nurse told me to stay laying very still for 10 minutes and that she would be back with a bedpan for me to pee in. Ah I started to sweat after a few minutes, couldn't hold pee anymore. I tinkled a bit and told DH to go get the nurse.  I seriously think I have 1 main bladder, and 2 reserves. I had to call her 3 times for pee pan in 45 min. I wish I could pee like a horse at once and done with it. Oh no. It's kinda silly but I was dealing with bladder issue a lot more than feeling the happiness of reaching to the egg transfer and seeing this miracle science technology. 

I've been together almost 9 years and this is the FIRST TIME his sperm and my egg met! Isn't that something!??  Now I wait.  My first Beta is next Wed 9/7, 2nd is Fri 9/9. They said they would tell me the result on of after 2nd Beta.


fate0fthecookie said...

Awesome! And rest up! The right embie is a blastocyst or expanded blastocycst? What about the left embie? Wishing you the very best!

Serendipitie said...

Good luck!! I hope this is it for you guys!!!

BabyMakingDiaries said...

Congrats on your two beautiful embabies. Rest up and look after all of you. Hope they snuggle in nicely xx

sassyNtubeless said...

so happy you were able to do ET :) rest up! xoxxo lots of baby dust for wed and friday :)

Kokoro said...

Congrats! I've been reading your blog and its a kind of difficult for me since I have no knowledge of IVF.. but I wish you the best!!! I just found out today that twin babies I know were brought over IVF, too! Stay positive 8) LOVE

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