March 11, 2011

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Sendai and Tohoku region in my country, Japan

Higashi-Nihon Daishinsai

On 3/12/11 around 2:46pm Japan time, M8.9 earthquake hit Sendai and Tohoku region in Japan. It is said that this was the biggest earthquake ever hit Japan. My mother lives in Kanto-region which is also greatly affected. According to mom and friends, the quake was strong enough and the ground was shaken so hard that they could hardly stand on their feet. THANK GOD that all my families and friends were safe!! I was devastated that I could do absolutely nothing to be with my mother who lives alone,, since I am here so far away from home...
The disaster made me realize how powerless human beings are when it comes to nature's force. 
Although it might take some unknown amount of time and efforts, I pray that 
everyone affected will find the way to gain strength and hope in life.


IVFJess said...

SO glad your family is ok. Thinking of those in Japan affected by this tragedy. xxx

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