March 16, 2011


I used to think birthday was HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I had never thought anything else of it up until certain point. I am not sure when exactly this threshold age was, but now I feel it is more frightening factor than being happy to have birthday every year especially with TTC. I was once told that egg counts go down as I get older.  I am one of those people who can't sometime remember my age when someone asks. I feel young mentally so I tend to understate my age : )

Set aside my don't-wanna-get-older feeling, I had 4 days off to enjoy my time.  As a hiking lover, I had to hike, did 3 of them. We also went out to see exhibits, and other time we went to the private party at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas that we were invited to.

Day 1, We went to Sunrise Mountain. It is nearby mountain in Las Vegas. It was early morning hike. The details are in my other blog: 
In the afternoon, we watched Nascar on TV,  the even that was held at our Las Vegas Motor Speedway, only 15 minutes away from our place! We kinda missed out on buying good tickets this year. I am going next year for sure! If you are Nascar fan, lets get together!!
Oh, I also had birthday cake. My husband wanted to bake a cake for me but I didn't want the huge cake sitting in the house and being obligated to finish before it went bad. SO! I got some cupcakes! Lately I watch lots of cupcake programs on TV and my eyes have been on look-out for good cupcakes in town. Let me know if you know any good cupcakes guys!

  Day 2, We went to this one. Peak 5146.  This is located along the highway from Las Vegas, going to Idaho direction. Weather was acting crazy. Sunny, Hale, Cloudy, Rain, and back to Sunny. As much as we love hiking, we have NOT invested in rain coat. Isn't that stupid!? Well, we got HAILED on! So we used garbage bag as a shield. Ugh I look such a cheap hiker, don't I!??

 Day 3, I don't remember what exactly we did during the afternoon. I am sure just taking it easy, relaxing, catching up on things. But I am the type of person who can't sit on my butt all day, I had to go out. We went Titanic Exhibits at Luxor. Also we had been invited to this private party, held at the pool deck of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Luckily it happened to be on my birthday weekend and it was perfect!

Oh, let me tell you about this high-tech hotel parking lot. They go 5 stories underground. Every turn you make to look for a vacant spot, there is an indicator showing # of availability. Each parking spot is sensor operated and shows red when occupied. So we look for a green light, which tells us the spot is available. You can spot the green light from far away. In this parking lot, you never have to worry about driving around in circles looking for a spot to take.

Day 4, we went Zion National Park, in Utah. It is 2 hours away from our house. Angel's Landing is a trail we could not complete back in 2004, due to our fear of hiking on cliff edge at high altitude. We challenged this hike to overcome the fear. And we DID IT!! We got to the summit. I will be blogging just about this one in my hiking blog, but this was HARD ONE!! We almost chickened out. Basically the last 0.5miles of hike is on the edge of 1500 ft drop off cliff, climbing with chain. Yeah! Doesn't that sound scary to you?? Well at the summit, the view was spectacular. I couldn't sit still. I got dizzy... hahaha

I had a fun weekend! Watch, my next birthday is coming around the corner.... I forgot how to count after 33 LOL!


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