July 29, 2012

1 month old!

Somehow I am making it day by day as a new mommy of the twins. I can't believe they are already 1 month old. They are bigger and heavier and showing lot of personality!

Recovery from c-sec was tough for me. The pain was expected and I took it easy. Instead, I got a fever of over 100 and lasted for an entire week. I went to OB to check if it was from mastitis or infection from the c-sec, but all was ok. The fever was from exhaustion and sudden change of life on me that my body couldn't hold the right temperature. I was taking Oxycodone for pain and it worked as fever reducer. Hated the side effect (constipation) but it helped me. After two weeks of taking painkillers, the pain became tolerable and over all I started to feel better.

After a good recovery time at home, I drove my car to do errands for the first time in almost 3 months. I felt good to be independent again!

I have been pumping breast milk and seem to get good supply so I can give them that mostly. Every other day maybe one feeding session I give formula. I pump faithfully every 3 hours day and night. Even though the girls sleep throughout the night for 8 hours, I still have to wake up to pump, otherwise my boob hurts so bad like no tomorrow. Yes, you heard me. They sleep that long. We swaddle them at night and that seems to be the trick!

My mother came from japan for six months to help me out with twins. I have to go back to work in September so I am training her on babysitting! Taking care of two infants is hard. Especially feeding time. I want to put them on the same schedule but when I am alone, that's almost impossible. All I can do is to feed them one after another right away, hoping the first one won't cry and scream when I'm feeding the second baby.  But now I feel like a pro!

The twins are doing great without major issues. Just wanted to write down how they are doing individually!

CJA--(Baby A)
Cja at birth

Bathing time

She loves swing

* She was born 5lb 10oz. Healthy girl. At her 3 weeks, she weighed 6lb 12oz!
* She first started formula at the hospital and within 7 days she was chugging down up to 2.5oz at each feeding. Now she is eating 4.5oz, 5-6 times a day.
* She developed eye infection and got ointment from Ped. After a little over week of the treatment, her eye is much better although the eye bugger is still yellowish,, slowly healing.
* She seems to have 'baby acne'. Haven't gone to the Ped yet but will mention at their next appointment.
* She wakes up crying. After each meal, she falls a sleep for a little while and screaming cry to be held once. Then she is ok.
* She is on breast milk 90%.

KACI--(Baby B)
Kaci at birth

Milk drunk?

Diaper being changed!

* She was born 4lb 13oz, healthy girl. Not a preemie. Went home with mommy! At 2 weeks appointment, she was 5lb 10oz, caught up to her sissy's birth weight.
* She has been eating a bit less (about an oz) than her older sissy Cja. She eats 3.5 oz mostly and when she is super hungry then 4oz. She isn't most fan of formula. She is on breast milk 90%
* Unlike her sissy, she has no issue so far. If anything, diaper rash, minor one. So I put cream to treat it.
* She is not a cryer. She calls out for love but doesn't last really long. good girl.
* She has hard time waking up and she doesn't fall a sleep right after feeding. Always making noises and constantly kicking in the air and moving her arms. So when she is sleeping she moves a lot like this:
I always put them in the same direction. But after couple of hours Kaci moved like this.. then

Kaci turned 180 degree by the end of her nap time.
They are such a love of my life. Mommyhood is so wonderful. I thought it would be a lot harder but fortunately it's not too bad. I think mostly because I consider the twins s as easy babies.
And I often find they sleep the same way!

Dear Kaci and Cja,
Thank you for coming to this world. It has been 4 weeks since you were born and life may be harder than it was in mommy's womb. I am still learning to be the best mommy for you. All I want and pray is for you to grow up healthy and free spiritedly. I love you so much!


Anonymous said...


I am so happy to see your twin girls:)


IVFJess said...

They are so beautiful!! Congratulations!! As much as you are lucky to have them, they are lucky to have you- such an amazing woman for their mama. Enjoy every minute!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

They are beautiful!! Congrats on 1 month!! Enjoy the time home! I miss it!

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