March 21, 2012

22 weeks

Today will make it a 22w6d. I am doing very good so far. Before I gain too much weight or/and being put on bed rest, DH and I are busy doing major purchases such as dressers, cribs, ceiling fan, stroller etc..  I still have brestpump and crib mattresses to complete our list of large items. (large in $$$ as well). 

New Ceiling fan!
2 Cribs!

I took a pic of my belly this week.  Let's compare with previous ones.

17 weeks
20 weeks
22 weeks
*Weight gain -- Haven't weigh myself since last OBG app, which was 3/7 and the gain then was 13lb

*Eating habit -- I eat anything and everything. Hungry every 3 hours.

*Pregnancy Symptoms --- a tiny bit nausea after every meal, swelling of my hands and feet especially in the morning. Both of my feet are growing because my regular shoes are very tight. NO heartburn and NO body pain. 

*Exercise -- Just walking with three dogs after I come home from work,, about 1 mile. 

 *Medication -- I am still doing Lovenox shots everyday. It is for having higher risk of blood clotting. I am so used to it now, I hardly give myself a bruise anymore! 

I feel babieS kick me everyday.  Their kicks are surely getting stronger. They should be around 1lb each, which means I have 2 lbs in me already! Usually when the one starts to move around, the other moves too. When the one is quiet, the other is quiet too. They are only separated by thin membrane so I'm sure they can feel the neighbor's movement!  I think they can hear me now because when I talk to them they move as if they are responding to me! It makes me giggle.

About 2weeks till next OBG app!


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