March 7, 2012

20 week

Half way! Well, actually I am at more than half way, considering 36week as full term for twin pregnancy.
I now wear maternity pants for work. At home, I wear whatever clothes I can fit. Pajama pants are the best.
I still have nausea every so often. My appetite has increased dramatically. I see large amount of food on my plate thinking there is no way I can eat, but I chow down faster than my husband and finish,feeling I can eat more. And get a second! Plus ice cream as dessert. This might be a mile "craving" of mine.

So far, my pregnancy seems to be going really well. I haven't caught a cold or anything. Prenatal vitamin is really powerful.

*Weight gain -- 13lb.
*Craving -- vanilla bean ice cream, coffee frozen yogurt (both starbucks brand)
*Pregnancy Symptoms -- occasional nausea. I only threw up 4 times up during the whole pregnancy so far! Lots of pimples on my skin.
*Food I eat everyday -- oatmeal, apple, banana

Last couple of weeks, I have started to notice babies' movement. It started like a little tapping from inside the tummy. I thought it was my gas bubble. Then last few days I noticed the change from light tapping to light bumping. I am not sure how these twin girls are located in the belly, but I feel the bumping on right and left, and not the center, is because I have one of the baby placenta located right behind my belly. So I feel them at my side the most.  

Here are pictures of my belly... 17 weeks and 20 weeks. 
17 week
20 week
I had a monthly OB app today, 20w6d. Both girls are measuring the same and the growth is up to date. One weighs 12oz and the other weighs 13oz. Dr said he couldn't ask for any more perfect babies. 
On the contrary, my calcium is higher than last month. (my on-going condition of hypercalcimia). Dr recommended me to keep my endocrinologist updated on this. I decided not to. Throughout my years of calcium problems and consulting with world leading expert of this condition (parathyroidism) and surgery with him, I really think I have more knowledge of this condition than my local endocrinologist who mostly deal with diabetes on daily basis.  I know my calcium is ALWAYS higher than normal range. I don't need unnecessary testing telling me the same damn thing. There is NOTHING I or the endocrinologist can do to lower the level.
I just need to stay away from drinking milk, eating yogurt or cheese. Very unheard of ,,, huh?

My next app is 4/4. I probably will gain a whole a lot more in coming few weeks... eeeeek!

Will update soon!


Mrs. Kent said...

I'm so glad to read that you and your babies are doing so well, and that the nausea has abated a bit. Keep us updated!

Mrs. K

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