July 20, 2011

Got my IVF Calender!!

  • Signed my life away for IVF cycle,, but

Well Obviously, the IVF package I thought I would be signing up for is not quite what I thought it was. Well, our RE used to offer "OBP-- Outcome Base Plan" for 3 cycle IVF package. The most expensive one but we get the % of money back if no live birth. That % depends on your age. That OBP plan is no longer available!!! They say they haven't had that for a while now.. I was like huh?  The new plan is 1,2,3 cycles with no money back. I signed up for 3 cycle one, only because I wanted to have some "insurance" that I am getting most out of it. I would be super lucky if I hit BINGO after 1st try. But the life isn't always so easy. Never known what happens, so that's how I decided.  

  • My Protocol

The nurse ordered all the meds and I paid. Unfortunately, my insurance (as primary) didn't pay anything but my DH's insurance (as my secondary) picked up most everything except $260. So that's all I paid for the first cycle. I was very lucky on this one. I still not quite sure what exactly the nurse ordered for me but I see some meds on my IVF calender I received. 

7/26 instruction on shots with nurse
~ 8/5 I will be on BCP
8/5~8/15 Lupron and Dexamethasone
8/16~8/17 Lupron, Dexamethasone, Follistim, Follic Acid
8/18~8/21 Lupron, Dexamethasone, Follistim, Follic Acid and Luveris
8/22 Lupron, Dexamethasone, Follic Acid and Cipro

RE thinks I will respond to meds well so he puts me on low dosage on most of them. That's a good news for me. :D

8/22 is the day my monitoring starts. I was told to receive another calender.  Looks like ER and ET happen around the end of Aug to early Sep.

I will post more updates soon!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best!!

sassyNtubeless said...

yay great news! sending baby dust xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

We'll be cycle buddies!!!

Kokoro said...

Just got back from JP! Wishing you the best =)

Lindsey said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog, looks like we are on almost the same protocol! My husband and I are getting into Vegas on the 20th! As for the Dex, I think all its done so far is counter-act the lupron, lupron makes me sleepy, dex wakes me up, so far I'm doing great! I start stims next Monday.

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