April 16, 2011

Just an weekend recap

Every Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off. Luckily they are the same as my husband's. We both work in the morning, meet at the gym after work and be home by 6p. Anyways, 2 days off is just too short. I used to have 4-10hr shift with 3 days off. Anyways, we always do things together and try to be productive on our days together. This week, aside from doing regular errands, we went hiking! As many of you know, I hike A LOT! But this week we went out with other hiking lovers in town. Have you ever heard of Meetup? You get together with people who share the same interest/hobby. Great way to meet new friends and for networking as well. Yeah. We joined the group. Oh I was so excited! I had a blast! 

Top of Sloan Radio Tower 
In between doing weekend things, we were lucky to get complimentary tickets to DAVID COPPERFIELD at MGM Grand!  I have been to many different shows in Las Vegas. Concerts, Cirque du Soleil, Talk Show, Magic, Comedy, Topless and many more.  Oh by the way, when we went to JUBILEE at Bally's, the show actually put both me and my husband to sleep! Just that dancing girls with topless and boobs everywhere jumping up and down didn't cut it. It was so boring!  hahaha. Well, anyhow, that was NOT where we went this week. DAVID COPPERFIELD it is!

He has been doing the show at MGM for a while now but never went to see him before. Of all the magic show I've been to, Lance Burton at Monte Carlo was my favorite. But now I changed my mind. DAVID COPPERFIELD blew my mind! He was soooooooooo interesting and great magician!!!! For a magic show, it is so important for the magician to connect with audience, otherwise the magician could be all into himself and his illusional world that we as an audience won't have a clue what the heck is going on on that stage. And he did it. Magic may sound cheesy to you, but he is something else. No wonder he is so famous in the world. 

We also took Rocky to haircut. He is an American Eskimo so his hair gets really thick at full length. He just loves salon! Here is the before and after pictures.

No lion cut or anything fancy. Just shaved him off!  OK Rocky, no haircut for another 6 months! You cost too much, babe!


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I hope Rocky won't catch a cold lol

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