April 20, 2011

Finally step 1 to IVF!

Ok! Yesterday 4.19.11, I finally made a deposit for IVF to secure my spot for August cycle. My game plan now is 3 cycle Outcome Base Plan. The clinic raised the package price by $4K since last year but I was advised that it actually has gotten cheaper. The only difference is that they used to charge ICSI separately every cycle, versus new plan includes them all. If you get Bingo after the 1st cycle, it will be the most expensive IVF in the clinic. If I have to go all the way to the 3rd cycle, then it becomes the cheapest pkg. You know how it goes. But If I get BFP on the 1st cycle, it will be the Win-Win situation for both me and the clinic. Baby for me, and $$$ for RE. I guess I have no complain. Fair enough! ( If I never had to go through IVF, I would have bought a motorcycle for my husband. He deserves everything. He is my world! :D )

I was also advised that I won't need to be taking BCP till the end of June, since the monitoring doesn't start till August 19. What does that mean? I thought I have to take BCP as soon as possible to get my AF cycle regular..?? Any advise, fellow IVFers??


Missy said...

I have PCOS and only took BCP for the 6 weeks prior to my IVF cycle. I ended up going an extra 2 weeks because I was sick. Good luck!

Jen Has A Pen said...

I'm not an IVF expert, so I'm sorry I can't help. Just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you, and how much I'll be rooting for you in the meantime. It's a shame it's such an expense, but you are right - a baby in the end makes it seem like chump change. :-) Sending my best!

Anonymous said...

Asano I am praying for you and Danny everyday....I remember how I felt when we entered the "Big journey"...I was scared out of my mind. I am always here for you if you need anything. Here are a few other little tips.

· Avoid all medications other than Tylenol and prenatal vitamins. If you are taking other prescription medications, check with us prior to beginning your treatment cycle
· No smoking or alcohol use. Studies show both can result in lower pregnancy rates and a greater risk of miscarriage.
· No more than two caffeinated beverages per day.
· Avoid changes in diet or weight loss during IVF cycle. A healthy well-balanced diet works best.
· Refrain from intercourse three to four days prior to egg retrieval and following embryo replacement until pregnancy determination is made.
· Normal exercise may continue unless enlargement of your ovaries produces discomfort.
· Avoid hot tubs or saunas.

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