February 16, 2013

How to 'UN'clog milk duct or milk bleb

I have been having lots of issues lately with clogged milk duct upon pumping. I have had days to where I had to leave work early because of the pain from the clog.  Break time at work is just not long enough for me to empty all the milk, so I stop in the middle of it. Because more milk is produced that what's been pumped out, it causes back ups and blockage at times. There are days when I am spending hours trying to unclog the duct. It stirs me away from spending time with babies. It really depresses me when it's happening. I always have long list of things to do especially on my days off but many times it goes undone. This really makes me think I want to stop pumping, thinking all these time I spend on pumping will be available to me to do something else and that how I won't have stress and pain caused by this. But at the same time I feel that I am cutting off my babies because of my inconvenience.
For the time being, I am still pumping. I have started weaning slowly, taking couple of month or a bit more.

Anyways, I have found the helpful way to unclog the milk duct.


plugged milk duct
credit: homeremediesweb

* Hot compress, Hot shower, is always helpful but not so promising to unclog.
* Massage circular motion toward nipple is the good way, but I have to do is AGGRESSIVELY.  I massage so hard that the skin gets red.

But, the best way is,

* In a large bowl, put hot water (not so burning).  Dip your entire breast (which has the clogged duct ) in and squeeze the clogged milk duct toward the nipple with fingers.  You are basically helping the flow of the clogged milk coming out. When I use glass bowl, I can see milk flowing out really well.  The other day, I heard "snap" when I unclogged the duct.

Now, If I have MILK BLEB,,
credit: Kellymom
Milk Bleb is a Milk pimple in the nipple. It's visible. It's like a cap causing the blockage for the milk to come out. When I pump, I can feel that milk in a certain duct trying to come out but it's not coming out because of this milk bleb. When you have this, massaging does not help at all. To uncap this milk bleb, I find the safest way is to use espom salt.

* 2 teaspoon of epsom salt to 1 cup hot water ( not burning). Dip the affected nipple before pumping or nursing. It will soften the skin including the bleb. You have to do this at least 3-4 times a day. Eventually the backed up milk will burst open the bleb and unclog the duct. You need patience on this one.

I have used sterile needle to "pop" it. but too risky. We don't want infection.

Im not sure how many times I have to deal with these problems, but I will survive!


Jaclyn N Lil M said...

I'm so sorry sweetie, that you have to deal with clogged milk ducts :( i know how frustrating it is to feel like you're not getting to spend more time with the beautiful girls :( xoxo hugs

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