August 10, 2011

How am I doing with IVF drugs-- Lupron and Dexamethasone

These are the first two sets of medication I have been taking for a week or so, followed by Birth Control Pills. I took the last BCP on Monday 8/8 hoping to get period by next Tuesday 8/16. BCP is only to put my body on RE's IVF cycle schedule. They want us to have period on the certain week to do the procedures. 
The only time I took BCP was for my acne when I was in 20s, just for a few months. That was all. I had not taken BCP for SO LONG so I thought I would get a full effect,, like getting bloated, making me eat more which cause weight gain etc..  It turned out BCP was not bad at all.

For now, I am only taking 2 of several other medications. The nurse explained to us how to use needles, how much to take and so on. Very detailed instructions.  Anyways, Lupron and Dexamethasone are the two in the pictures I am currently on until next week. And there are more coming. 

The pill is Dexamethasone,,, steroid pill. I take this in the AM because it causes insomnia. Yes, I take it 4AM with breakfast. After all day working, it still wakes me up in the middle of the night. I have been getting broken sleep, but I am not tired. This pill makes me wired-up all day.If I want to have a good sleep, I have to run around the block or exercises or something that makes me tired, which I can not do everyday!

Lupron is to suppress hormones at the pituitary level. I understood in my own way that this is to calm our body, they don't want our own hormone start acting up. The Injections in the AM, can be done on my thighs or stomach, wherever the fat is. I can't do it. My husband has to poke me. I have no side effects from this medication whatsoever that I can feel. And needles are pretty tiny so injection isn't so bad either. One time we poke too close to the muscle on thigh, it gave me bruises! I am learning.  

More updates to come on how I am coping with these IVF drugs! 


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