May 3, 2011

Another failed attemp on free IVF cycle giveaway

Last night, we attended the IVF seminar hosted by our RE clinic. They do this yearly for 2 consecutive days. And each seminar, they do ruffles to give away 1 free IVF cycle. Last year, we went and the couple who had the winning ticket was the one who checked in right before us. We were soooo bummed. They were walking slow from the parking lot, we could have passed them! We concluded that it showed one step closer to our IVF dream.Well, so that was the last year. 

So that makes the yesterday's seminar a second attempt for us. It was a lot less couple than last year, which supposedly gave a higher chance of winning. This time, too, we weren't the winner. Also they had a deal that first 10 couples signed up for IVF cycle will receive $500 off of medication. However, I couldn't do that because I signed up for IVF 2 weeks ago and was told that it had to be signed up AT THE SEMINAR!!  We are just not one of those lucky people. Always end up realizing that we have to do everything in a hard way, more like, no shortcuts. We didn't win the ruffle but I learned more about IVF. Listening to RE's insights and knowledge was refreshing. We don't always get to hear about what professional has to say unless you go in the office paying the office visit. So this was my Monday night, 5/2/2011.


Nikke said...

Bummer on not winning, but doing things the hard way seems to make you a stronger person!
Glad you got more info too =]

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