March 29, 2011

Double punch

Yesterday, I was exchanging emails back and forth with RE office manager. I was getting ready to pay deposit to secure my spot for this coming IVF cycle. The package I was interested in was 3-cycle Outcome Based Plan, which is to offer % of money back in case of no live birth after all the cycles. I was gearing myself to go for July cycle only because my RE was participating. Well I come to find out that not only they raised the package price $4K more but also he is only doing the June and August cycle.
It is just 4K more but for us, it is totally out of reach. So we now have no choice but to sign up for 2 cycle pkg, which does not offer any kind of money back no matter what happens at the end. Yeah.. 3 cycle with money back is a peace of mind deal for us, but I don't want to put ourselves in deeper financial hole than we already are. Also pushing back the cycle was another punch in our face.

DH and I discussed what we are going to do. The choice seems to be clear. We are going for 2 cycle IVF starting Aug 19. We have to find a positive aspect out of disappointments, that is,,, we have 1 and 1/2 extra month to save money and...maybe we don't need 3 cycles!?  I believe in "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON".  Sometimes life can be easier when you have no other choice.


Serendipite said...

I hear that! While I hate feeling powerless, sometimes you just have to roll with what life sends your way. I also understand how an extra $4k can scrap your plans. That's the only reason I sit here in limbo wading through insurance BS. Good luck!!

Stephanie Nichole said...

We went threw a similar situation when we decided to do our IVF'S We were going to do Three fresh three frozen cycles.. if no live births money back. But when our RE had my thyroid tested it showed that I have hypo thyroid disease. With that being said we only got covered for two fresh two frozen. Here we stand.. but like you said it happened for a reason. Im glad to have found you on twitter! Keep us posted on everything! hugs

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